300 GB Optical Discs Released In 2015 By Sony And Panasonic

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300 GB Optical Discs Promised by Sony and Panasonic at the end of 2015. Sony and Panasonic have announced that they are working on the next generation optical disc for long-term digital data storage. The latest effort comes on the part of Sony and Panasonic. The two have signed an agreement for the development of a new standard for professional-use optical discs.

300 GB Optical Discs release by Sony and Panasonic
300 GB Optical Discs release, Specs, Prview by sony and panasonic
300 GB Optical Discs Specs
300 GB Optical Discs released by Sony and Panasonic, Specs, preview
Sony and Panasonic are currently targeting the video production industry along with motion picture houses and broadcasters as its potential customers. However, cloud-based data centers too are expected to make use of the upcoming high-capacity disc to store large amount of data. Thus, by the end of 2015, we may see recording capacities of 300 GB. After that, the standard will steadily improve if things go well, until 1.5 TB is reached.

300 GB Optical Discs Specs by Sony and Panasonic
The specifics of the optical disc, like protection against dust, water, temperature and humidity and general ability to survive in harsher environments than HDDs, SSDs, flash drives and everything else, this is are the main reasons for Sony and Panasonic to still be investing in the format.